Our Services

Investment & Tax Management

We operate diversified and cost-effective investment portfolios, which are shaped to reflect your unique requirements and your views on risk. These can be arranged to provide income, growth or a combination of both.

We’ll recommend the right combination of financial products within which to hold these investments to help reduce the impact of tax, thereby maximising your returns.

When selecting investments, we do not rely on predictions, estimates or trends; we prefer to draw upon proven, evidence-based academic financial theory and research.

Retirement Planning

Pensions have been through an unprecedented level of change over the last 15 years.

One of the most significant changes means that once you’re over 55 years of age, your pension funds can be used in any way you wish (notwithstanding tax considerations). The problem is that increased pension freedoms and planning options have, for many people, created more questions than answers:

What type of pension arrangement is right for you? How big does your fund need to be at retirement? What’s the right investment approach? How should you access the fund at retirement? What about leaving a legacy?

Inheritance Tax & Legacy Planning

If the value of your estate after you’ve passed away is likely to exceed the nil rate band threshold for IHT, we can help you make arrangements to mitigate your tax liability — an initiative known as ‘Estate Planning’.

This usually begins with having a correctly structured Will, but there are often occasions where trusts or specialised investments could also be suitable.

In our experience, it’s never too early to consider this; more time affords you more tax planning opportunities.

Personal & Business Protection

The financial well-being of a family or business can be at risk when life deals a bad hand to the key parties responsible for creating the wealth.

Insurance products can be used to help sustain a successful business or preserve a family’s lifestyle in the event of poor health or worse.

The type of insurance you might require, is determined primarily by your stage of life, wealth, financial commitments and views on risk.